Help raise money for AFSP

Hi! I’m Lin and this is my short story.  Before you read it I would like to thank everyone. Those that introduced me to A.F.S.P, Locks of love, friends that are now family and many others that I may have not mentioned.  You know who you are.

Suicidal thoughts have touched many people’s lives at different points.  It touched mine when I was 15 years old.  The pressure from school was immense and to add to it I was being bullied at the times as well.  Needless to say it wasn’t an easy time trying to get good grades and fit in.  Mental health awareness wasn’t an open subject back then.  Telling anyone of these thoughts that dominated my mind only would lead to ridicule.  Over the years I have met many people that have felt immense pressure from what is happening around them.  It gives me great joy that we are able to have this conversation now and be open without being judged for how we feel.

I feel privileged to know that there are many people’s story and how they were affected by suicide.  Feel more so privileged that they are around to share their story and help others in the times of darkness.  This fundraiser is dedicated to them as my thank you.

The #BoozyChefGives fundraiser will be running from Nov 1 until Feb 4 (World cancer day a.k.a. the haircut day). We have a great number of items to auction off (check out the Auctions Page) with 100% of proceeds going to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Here’s how it works

Place your bid

Check out the auctions page and bid for an item you’d like. Once the auction ends, you’ll be notified if you’ve placed the winning bid.

Make a donation

To claim your auction item, head to the AFSP donation page and make a donation equal to your winning bid amount. You will be emailed a receipt for your donation and tax refund information.

Claim your item

Just email us proof of your donation to the AFSP, and once you’ve been verified, we’ll email you instructions on how to collect your item, or a voucher where applicable.